World Famous Betty Boop

"Team Boop"

Extreme Racing Inaugural Race

Collectable T-Shirts!

A valuable Betty Boop collector's items.

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Only 2,500 T-shirts printed WAY BACK IN 1997!

Betty Boop is now into NASCAR!

Wear it to the track or around town!

Get this great limited edition T-shirt from

Betty's Inaugural Race in Charlotte on 10/4/1997.

The front of the shirt comes with Betty sitting on the Team Boop logo and one of her in a standing pose.

The back on the shirt shows the

Inaugural Race information.

All shirts come in black  and are high quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton

Weight: Similar to a Beefy T-shirt   Tags:   Made in the USA. Murina tags w/ size &-washing instructions in English & Spanish - Color: Black Shirt. Print on shirt has 7 colors!

Sizes:     XL ONLY   Styles: 2 types: Betty Boop Standing  &  Betty Boop Sitting
Print on Front & Back. 7 colors in the shirt.